December 9, 2015“What’s the Buzz about Native Bees?

Expert Shares Information About the State of Bees in Minnesota

Crystal Boyd, an entomologist with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, will discuss the biology of our state's native bees at the Stearns History Museum’s Breakfast Club. She’s completed field work an effort to find out more about bees in survey sites across Minnesota, including Quarry Park.

So what is the buzz about native bees? “Native bees are like moose,” Boyd said in a recent newspaper article. “We don’t know as much about what to do when moose get sick or how to manage moose.” The project is attempting to fill this information void. Survey work is a major component in the process from collecting data to determining where varieties of bees live in Minnesota. She also hopes to identify specific species. The number is surprising large, upwards to as many as 400. One of the many goals of the project is to assess the health of the Minnesota bee population.

Boyd will also describe the legacy of bee research in Minnesota, recent pollinator legislation, and the components of a bee-friendly backyard.

January 13, 2016: Jim Rothstein, Mayor of St. Martin, Minnesota, will share two events from his career as a U.S. Navy operative and as a New York City Police Detective that tied into President John Kennedy’s assassination in 1963 and the Watergate break-in a decade later.

February 10, 2016: Tom Elliott, St. Cloud Times sports reporter, discusses the traditions, characters and passion that comprise amateur baseball in Stearns County and central Minnesota.

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